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Giving a good gift brings the smile to most …

We all want to give the perfect gift to those we love … And what should it be …? Give a gift Card for a nice evening in SteakeRiet. Something that the recipient can look forward to and also remember afterwards. We have also made it possible to buy SteakeRiet’s most popular red wine at a very favorable price, giving a small taste of what awaits in the restaurant. We have selected 2 of our wines, which we think your gift Card should accompany, and here we have chosen to contribute a little to the wine, as we think the experience should already start at our guests’ home.
We will make sure to wrap the gift card in a small black envelope hanging in a leather cord around the wine bottle, with our logo on.


🍇 Rødvin Maron

Goodies A fruity and soft wine from Puglia, where Italy’s sun and warmth have created a lovely round wine with lots of power and taste. The wine is well suited to grilled dishes, but can also be enjoyed with cheese or just good company as it is. Your price along with gift cards 75,-

🍇 Rødvin Edizone

One of our top wines A remarkable wine from Abruzzo. Here it is a powerful super-wine, when the recipient deserves the utmost. Perfect for grilled dishes, but can also be enjoyed with cheese. Your price along with gift cards 150,-

Without Wine

Gift Card without wine You can of course also buy a gift card without wine … The gift card can be picked up at SteakeRiet, but we also deliver it within Vejle Municipality as a small extra service, this free delivery is only valid when purchasing gift cards & wine.

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